Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool Team Names at the World Cup

Some of the teams at the World Cup have great names, while others are pretty lame. Here is a sampling of some of the team names:

USA: US Boys. One of the lamest team names.
South Africa: Bafana Bafana. I like that one because it's very African.
Cameroon: Indomitable Lions. Great name, though they weren't very indomitable in their first match against Japan.
Japan: Blue Samurai. They wear blue uniforms, so the name fits.
France: Les Bleus, which means, "The Blues." It's for their blue uniforms.
Italy: The Azzurri, which also means, "The Blues." The Italians also wear blue uniforms.
New Zealand: The All-Whites. I guess that's to distinguish the football team from the national rugby team, which is the All-Blacks.
Brazil: The Samba Kings. Very fitting. Their style of play is like the samba. One of my favorite names.
Netherlands: The Orange. The Dutch wear orange uniforms, ergo their name.
Australia: The Socceroos. Australia is evidently one of the few countries that calls the sport "soccer" instead of "football." It's a cute name, though it sounds like the American children's underwear brand Underoos.
Ghana: The Black Stars. That's a pretty good name for a pretty good team.

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