Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Only in Bavaria

Even though the fall mornings are cold, I've been riding my bike to work when I'm on the early shift. There aren't too many more good days for cycling left until winter comes and I want to take advantage of the little bit of exercise and cross-training that I'm getting. Every time I ride my bike instead of driving, it's also that much less carbon I'm putting into the atmosphere. Because I have such a short commute (2.5 km to one building and 3.4 to the other), my rides to work and home are rather uneventful. But this morning I saw something very funny.

I rode by a house that had several stuffed deer heads with antlers displayed outside above its second floor (first floor to the Europeans) balcony. There is nothing unusual about antlers displayed the outside of a house here. But the person whose house I passed had an interesting use for his hunting trophies--he used them to dry his shirts. On each set of antlers there were two shirts on hangers, one on each side. Most people here would have used a standard drying rack or clothesline, but this guy decided to go for the Creative Uses For Antlers Award. I can just imagine the conversation between the man who shot the deer and his wife:

Wife: Those deer heads with the antlers are totally useless.
Husband: No they're not. They're perfect for air drying my shirts.

I wish that I had a camera with me to photograph those shirts hanging from the antlers. I'll just have to keep the vision of them in my head. Only in Bavaria...

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